What CoD Blackout Does BETTER Than Fortnite

What CoD Blackout Does BETTER Than Fortnite

Call of Duty’s Battle Royale mode Blackout may only exist because of Fortnite’s popularity (what is a PUBG?) but that doesn’t mean that Blackout didn’t improve on the formula. We love us some Battle Royale but here are the ways Call of Duty’s mode beats out Fortnite’s.

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31 Replies to “What CoD Blackout Does BETTER Than Fortnite

  1. I would say the biggest difference of these 2 games is "Style". I wouldn't say which one is better, it all comes down to if you prefer fantasy/cartoony style or realistic style.

  2. One of em might be better than the other, but at the end of the day, both of them suck. Don't waste your money buying COD, or cosmetics in Fortnite. This year's given us a lot of masterpieces: RDR2, God of War, Spider-Man, AC: Odyssey, Monster Hunter World, Celeste, Dead Cells etc. Buy one of em, you won't regret it. COD and Fortnite suck!!

  3. i like cod and fortnite but this video is ridiculous better loot? objectivily better loot? perks? fortnite does not have them how can it even compete in this category? realistic is better because you like it more? ffs this is garbage content

  4. I see a lot of people talk about how “single player games are dead” or “physical games are dead” or “no one makes interesting games anymore” or “too many microtransactions” or “publishers and devs don’t care about fans!” Well with these two games being considered game of the year and having the biggest player bases, it’s kinda your fault for letting this happen!

  5. I’m sorry but fortnite is way better with also ATVs they had zombies but they suck in BRs fortnite has better loot and the mobility is better I mean rifts ate better than helicopters and the item shop/battle pass is better than the black market

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