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ULTIMATE Apex Legends HACKER!!! (Exposed)

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“While Streaming Apex Legends today we were queue sniped and targeted by 3 cheaters after we managed to kill them off the first game. From then on they provided us proof of their cheats, claimed to have developed it, as well as claimed to have showed it to one of the EA Devs for the game. Here is that footage.”

Intro: 0:00-1:10
My POV: 1:10-8:10
Spectating Hackers:…

29 Replies to “ULTIMATE Apex Legends HACKER!!! (Exposed)

  1. IMPO It seems like it's all games that are either using versions of the Unreal Engine or Valve's Source Engine that are being easily hacked…Because Easy Anti-Cheat or no Easy Anti-Cheat ESP, aimbot, wall shot and even invincibility hacks are all being used in Apex and in Black Matter's Hell Let Loose 50 on 50 online multiplayer, and the people who purchase and play Apex or HLL should be demanding their money back from Steam/GOG or whoever sold them the game because it has totally ruined them for every body and they're ultimately the ones who are responsible for preventing this sh!t from ever happening in the first place :/

  2. hello master analyst here i watched the videos and no they were not cheating your getting all mad because they beat you you would do well in life to stop taking video games so serious they are better and your nothing special honestly accept it and just move on its so embarrising you making dumb accusations like that

  3. These cheaters need to be shot and burned on site… Fucking scumbags and that little punk bragging about it… I would literally choke him out and throw him off a cliff

  4. I hate when people don't play the game fairly. It's what makes the game not enjoyable, and that's what makes people not play the game because they don't want to be played by hackers. I my self don't play Apex on PC because of THIS very REASON! I play on Xbox One, Hackers are less likely to be on Xbox. It's Annoying as all hell, and I can understand why you got mad at these kids that were hacking on the game, and it made you irritated. Nicely handled situation by the way, very well done on your part. Love your video so I will sub to your channel and turn on notifications.
    I myself am not generally good at the game always looking for videos to help me get better.

    Keep it up and don't let the hackers get to you.

  5. its well known that losers who start cheating are the ones who suck at every game, and they see cheaters in everyone, and cry that everyone who shoot them is cheater. and that habit stay even when they start cheating themself…. they still think they are good and everyone else who own them is cheater hehehe…

    i miss old good 1998-2005 when fps cheating wasnt out yet, even 2005-2007 wasok, in CS 1.6 it wasnt that bad, just kids used wh, which wasnt problem for any decent player..

    now 2019. only cheating are ppl around 25-30 yo.. the ones who were kids in 2007 and cheater there… once cheater = decksucker forever..
    and i see barely 1 of 100 cheaters is actually a real kid,, kids nowadays have brains and realize cheating makes playing pointless, but those sad fcks just cant without cheats anymore, cheats actually degrade own real skill, after cheating for longer period of time you never learn to play anymore. its known fact, lots of cheaters who quit gaming did talk about it..

  6. It's strange that they don't have an in-game report button for hacking. Maybe the developers of Apex are selling hacks too, seems likely with the way they are dealing with the issue

  7. 12:25. "Let me get this right. I fucked your whole team. Literally shoved my cock down their throat." What!? Are you dumb?Apex let's you sexually assault people now? Wow. You, sir, are touched in the head. Add him to the list of people who don't understand what the word "literal" means. Dumbass dude. Thanks for playing.

  8. How is stream sniping cheating? Your broadcasting what your doing to anyone who wants to watch and get salty as fuck when they kill you. I agree cheating is bullshit but that’s like me telling everyone where I’m at but expecting no one to act on it.

  9. look , they talk like its all cool and normal and ok what they are doing. SICK.. All proud of his cheat not being broken. Sad generation.. good luck in life. There should be jail time and im sure it would stop pretty quick.

  10. who fxxxing cares, apex is free game that dont hwid ban so basically u can create new account with temporary email oon internet.. i do that everytime… exposing hacker aint doing no shit

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