Clash Of Clans

the O.T.T.O Bot New Upgrade!! "Clash Of Clans" All Troop Upgrades!!

Clash of clans new update 2019 is here!! join me in the new june update as we upgrade the new builder master lvl 30, grand warden, lvl 6 skeleton spell, poinson level 6, mortar lvl 12, healer and blimp changes, O.t.t.o Upgrade bot, hog glider lvl 18, builder hall 9, and tons more!!


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45 Replies to “the O.T.T.O Bot New Upgrade!! "Clash Of Clans" All Troop Upgrades!!

  1. What is scam like everything else on this f**** game.. put this in to manipulate or Force the uses to play this hot garbage Builders Village that nobody wants to use..

  2. There’s actually a whole video about the builders the builder is sad because he was kicked off the normal island because he made the crusher and his brother made the P.E.K.K.A and the King was not impressed

    Also they had to make things like the pekka and the crusher because they were in a raid and half of them were alive and they didn’t battle so they made things to impress the king they they could stay on the island but the king kicked off the one who made the crusher because a battle Machine v crusher the pekka/ Battle machine would be better

    Idk why there are Like 5 builders though and that’s the answer to your question 0:30

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