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Revenant's ORIGINAL Abilities BEFORE Season 4 Revealed! – He Was OP! (Apex Legends Season 4)

In this video, I take a look at Revenant’s ORIGINAL abilities that were recently revealed by Respawn. In order to be balanced, much of his abiltiies were nerfed and some were completely changed. Let me know what you guys think of this. Hope you enjoy 🙂


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50 Replies to “Revenant's ORIGINAL Abilities BEFORE Season 4 Revealed! – He Was OP! (Apex Legends Season 4)

  1. Revenant is broken they should make it so he does crawl like a spider but up walls and crouching since his hitbox is broken anyways they should’ve let him crawl.

  2. Respawn needs to start giving the new legends some love. They are too afraid to make them "overpowered" so they make them underpowered, and the meta doesn't even change. You have characters that have been in the game from the start like Pathfinder and Wraith yet their abilities are far more powerful than ANY of the new legends that are supposed to change the meta. Revenant has been especially disappointing. I have lots of ideas of how he could be changed, so here they are. I don't care if the changes made to him aren't these exactly, we just need him to be fixed.

    • The Passive
    I was beyond hyped for Revenant but his abilities don't even nearly stack up to any of the base legends. His climbing is no where near as high as they hyped it up to be and he can not keep up with a legend like pathfinder who can scale a building instantly with his grapple. His climbing needs to be infinite. This is not at all overpowered because it still barely keeps up with a pathfinder grapple and it is in a straight line so you can easily be shot. If not infinite, it definitely needs to be faster because you are a sitting duck. His crouch walking is definitely great, but I recommend that it should be just a smidge faster.

    • The Tactical
    His tactical also does not have a big enough area of effect so it almost never gets used. It needs to do more damage as well so that can scare people into not wanting to go near it.

    • The Ultimate
    I'm sorry, but his totem is completely USELESS. You run into a fight with 100 health and instantly get smacked down and then you have to waste an entire med kit and so much time. In the time it takes you to heal, the other team has already healed as well and the fight is just reset. When it was first revealed in the cinematic trailer, I thought the death totem would make you a shadow from the Halloween event. I think that would be so much more fun then just using your weapons. You would go in and get a hit or two, and then respawn and be able to push in with your weapons. This is probably unrealistic, so a more reasonable buff to the totem would be to go in with your shields included with your health. This way it actually feels like you have protection from the totem. You should also respawn with at LEAST 50 health so that you are not disabled from having to heal. If the shields were added when you became a shadow then you should respawn with at least 75% of your shields so you can get back to the fight and not leave time for the enemy to heal. The range of the totem should also be unlimited. There is already a timer for how long it lasts, so the small range on top of that is just overkill.

    • The Hitbox
    I am not an expert about this, but the youtuber, TheGamingMerchant, recently made a video about Revenant's hitbox. He apparently has the biggest chest area out of all the legends. His legs are the only thing skinny about him. With how big his hitbox currently is, he should have fortified and not low profile. His hitbox really needs some tweaking because from what this video revealed, it is truly broken.

    All of these changes would easily make Revenant a meta legend. We need more legends that have pick rates similar to Wraith and Pathfinder. I don't want to keep seeing Wraiths, I want to see a new legend take the spot of "top legend". New legends should be S-tier quality, not have the lowest pick rates. Please take my criticism into consideration. I love Revenant and his backstory, but his abilities need some heavy reworks. We're already almost 2 months into season 4 and nothing is seeming to be done about any of this. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

  3. The marked for death ability would be amazing only if it had a longer cool down and a time limit to it or even as a ultimate I would much rather have that then this death totem shit and if they still want the death totem thing could just make it a tactical ability he is very underwhelming I love the character and shit but he ain’t a very good legend

  4. Not trying to rag on respawn, but even if he was op they never should have nerfed him so hard before putting him in the game. Now they have to pick up the pieces after making him severely underpowered, and he will have to go through several adjustments before he's ever played. This is a bad decision for the game. It's better for him to have to be nerfed and still played by people who love him, than have to be buffed 4 times before people even give him a chance.

    (Although I do agree the marked for death being very overpowered, they could have just made it not unlimited)

    I doubt even after buffing him people will main him, because they completely dropped the ball on his entrance. (Just like with Gibraltr – despite getting "overpowered" buff after buff, he is still not even close to the top legends played) With his cinematic and gameplay trailer looking so good and his actual gameplay being so bad, it's going to be very hard for them to fix this.

    It was a bad move on their part and now this cool character has to suffer for it. ?

    So far the ONLY new legend who hasn't completely flopped and in need of buffs is Wattson. Respawn is playing it way too safe with their new legends and it's going to hurt the game if people lose interest and/or are disappointed by lackluster new content. I love Apex but they really need to stop being wimpy about their legends. Go big or go home.

  5. Hmmm maybe they could've had it where they had to be in the same building distance away from him or lower the time you see them I think that wouldve been a dope move if they kept it and worked on it

  6. Marked of death didn’t have to get completely removed they could’ve reduce the time say like 15 or 30 seconds on it instead of the whole match… And when he crouch and get on all fours they could’ve added that he takes more damage while crouching.
    they honest didn’t have to remove all of his abilities like that??‍♂️??‍♂️

  7. Who cares a man said it makes more sense to release him overpowered then nerf him after cuz the meta gets boring i understand being a devn all is hard enough but its their game they shouldnt be scared to release op characters change up the meta ppl like pathfinder n wriath is still dominating

  8. If they made his tactical silence passive abilities it would be much better. His totem is very tricky, I'm not honestly sure how to improve it. If he could shoot it or the range was larger that would help. Maybe a grace period of 3 sec after respawn at totem where you take 0 damage but can't shoot ? If his tactical marked enemies it hit it would be even stronger. I feel like his climbing could be buffed. It's not very impressive and he slows down way too much when he reaches the top. You have to rely on that little Jump at the end of the climb to get where you're going and it often fails. He could use some work on his hitbox too. It's huge, unrefined, and he has +5% damage to him. Which doesn't make much sense at all to me

  9. Marked for death wasnt necessary but i can say that if they had kept it in game all they had to do was tweak the time it affected the player marked…a short window with the added effect of silencing that particular legend would have been viable. Now as it stands both his tac and ult could use a buff as far as the area of affect is concerned. Both could use an increase of circumference, considerably for the ult i might add..as well as the concern for the animation for crouching. Didnt know that was an idea that they scrapped until this video and have thought since the day a played this character that his abilities lend him to having his animations reflect those passives abilities a bit more. With that said i think they SHOULD incorporate whatever idea they had about his crawl/climb animations….ESPECIALLY IF I MAKES HIME A HARDER TO HIT TARGET!!! as it stands he takes a 5 percent damage increase though his hit box is a great amount larger than that of a wraith or wattson..infact larger than pathfinder i believe and they should be about the same..

  10. I want his ultimate to use his totem with the actual Revenants used in the Halloween event. It would be cool to just run fast after enemies and try to hit them and would be scary seeing a team run after you! That way, health, the range, and time limit would make more sense!

  11. That tactical sounds way better than his current tactical all they had to do was add a 30 second to 1 minute timer on how long you could see or put a big cool down on it like wraiths and it wouldnt be hard to bait a push if you know one of your team mates is marked for death it honestly doesnt sound that op if its one person

  12. If they either got rid of the timer or got rid of the range on his ultimate he'd be really good. Another buff would be if he could place it wherever. Like if he could target the top of a building and his ult would appear there.

  13. How about making the tactical his ultimate with no aim but a blast radius and the ultimate as his tactical with a cooldown of 20 -30 secs with 1 bar of shield and some 25 or 50 health maybe. So it will be either a make or break.

  14. I’d say buff his tactical. Make it so tagged enemies with it are scanned for five seconds.

    As for the ultimate? Shields not disabled during it. It acts more as a safety net for users than just a nerf for the fight.

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