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Respawn Game Devs Call Apex Legends Players FREELOADERS on Reddit – Gamers Mad at Developers

Respawn Game Devs Call Apex Legends Players FREELOADERS Reddit Game Developers Gamers are upset and starting to Boycott Apex Legends NEW CHANNEL:
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36 Replies to “Respawn Game Devs Call Apex Legends Players FREELOADERS on Reddit – Gamers Mad at Developers

  1. People should stop buying things from their microtransaction in any game. Its should have a loser status if you do. Its a cancer to the whole gaming industry that need to be cured and thrown away!

  2. I guess I'm a freeloader because I play a free to play game and dont buy any micro transactions. Give me something worth buying. I got around $150 in ghost recon wildlands because they offer me things I want not just skins

  3. It's funny they would call us this because with out the players playing there game which is still mostly dog s**t they most likely would not have a job in the first place

  4. I understand what there saying as during Ps2 or before days we didn't bug devs about game issue we just moved on and found our next fravorite game but now alot complain about the littlest thing I hate microtransactions but it's not the devs who do them it's the publisher and respawn are part of ea the money grabber company

  5. I dont blame the developers? Everyone nowadays thinks they are entitled to whatever they want w/o having to pay for it in some way? I'm all for dlc being created and released but I also understand that it costs money to make them so I wouldnt be opposed to paying for dlc (just like it used to be!). But general consensus is that everyone thinks dlc should be free., which is ludicrous in my opinion!

  6. Wow respawn real professional. I'm a TF2 main and won't touch apex, big shock people don't want to pay for what is essentially a overpriced paint job. Maybe if respawn had just made tf3 instead of trying to ride the fortnight wave gamers might actually have something worth buying and respawn would have nothing to complain about.

  7. Uhhh no, that wasn't a fix to the situation. At all. Which means that wasn't really an apology. At all. If you are one to realize that unbridled fact then perhaps you realize exactly why the players are rightly pissed off.

  8. I mean the dev's arent completely wrong. Apex doesn't put out a bunch of stupid crap and charge out the ass like fortnite. The dev's could've handled it better for sure. but working so hard on a game and giving so much for free and gamers still crying over everything I'm sure its frustrating. Some Gaming companies are greedy as hell but Respawn has been pretty awesome

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