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Ranked Rushing! – PS4 Apex Legends Ranked to Masters Ep. 2!

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46 Replies to “Ranked Rushing! – PS4 Apex Legends Ranked to Masters Ep. 2!

  1. If anyone on ps4 down to grind ranked, I was plat last season, currently gold 4 almost 3. Goal is diamond over the next week or two. Ps tag: Riiiiko94. If you cant find, leave ur tag and I'll add 😀 I dont care if you think you suck or not, I enjoy the game, and with good communication, anything is possible:p

  2. Bro you’ll get masters no worries and you probably get to pred your the best ps4 player in the world and your the only ps4 YouTuber I like because I’m not a big fan of ps4’s I’m more of an Xbox type of guy

  3. Can anyone help me? I've been playing Apex lately and discovered that my Bangalore skin (Apex Overdrive) has not been equipable. I've had this skin since season 2 and im kinda upset rn

  4. Rich.. i think you should do a video about your button layout, and how you play with a normal dualshock controller to help out players out there who wants to get good without having to buy a custom controller or a scuf

  5. I need someone who can help me out PS4 I have no squad to play with I need to get good and YouTubers like him inspire me to be the best one day. My PS4 psn name is Kr0n0ssiss.

  6. So I was bored and counted how many healables you used and got a ROUGH estimate of how much damaged you healed. Keep in mind I'm no where close to a mathematician.
    Syringe~ 5=95
    Med-Kit~ 2=150
    Shield Cell~ 11=220
    Shield Battery~ 5=450
    Phoenix Kit~ 3=340
    Shield Swap~ 3=250
    I should have looked to see if anyone else did it I probably miss some things but either way you did take a lot of damage but still came out on top another great video

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