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  1. cool vid ,, dust in the pci slot will cause interference in sound cards or it not being seated . also if it requires power support like a vid card ,the wire may not have enough shielding, change it out or wrap it in el tape.

  2. ………..and now about MOSES. I have never seen any actual clickbait with MOSES, and you can tell with how honest and sincere he is in any of his videos you have seen, that you will not get lied to. If you are so lacking in your personal integrity and character, that you cannot recognize that MOSES has excellent integrity and character, then block his videos, please and never come back.

    There is no clickbait, what you came to see is right there. If you just want to see the guy get killed, then the video would be :08 seconds long. The whole thing is fine. The buildup gives the hacker encounter the context that is relevant, Moses playing duos with another good player. My only question with these speed hacks is out of 99 people in this game, how many does he think saw his hack in game? 22? How many of those know how to, or have the will to report it?12? if 8-9 reports come in at one time, with BROOKS named in them, all about the same game, how long after that game will it take to get banned? Dumb. $20 for 2 games? Just for the privilege of cheating? Remember your card used for the purchase has a valid name on it, so now just using a different card from that same parents' name may not even work. Now you've got to get a different named adult to let you use a second card, just to get back into the game. This puts me on the subject of stream snipers and hackers….they are weak players. Here, BROOKS did not know how to use his advantage to win. Even cheating he came in second to quality play. Mo hit him at distance, and then when he was low hp. Now he is dead, and banned.

  3. in regardless to the "use 0 for boost not tab" part i use 0 but that is because if you are tabbed anyway you still cant move your camera so i find it is the same amount of time to take my hand off the mouse for half a second then tab.

    that being said when i hit tab i lag right the fuck out so i try not to go into my inventory as much as possible im talking up to 10 seconds of lag time
    its hell

  4. Some of the quick aim are a little weirds,you cant just aim so perfectly to a headshot if you didnt see from where they come,they basicaly aim for the rigth direction on the rigth second,pretty weird…

  5. I understand why some are complaining about the title and the content. I would suggest @wtfmoses to maybe add a small snippet of the hacker scene then play out the footage leading up to it.

    Jackfrags and a few others do it. Pretty much they show something that happened but either cut it off or play it all then go onto to highlights of the match.

    I myself watched some of this video then just went to the 10 min mark to see the hacker get killed.

    PS Time stamps would be cool also for those who dont have the time or patience to watch a whole 10 minute plus video.

  6. you can easily see its 11 minutes long so why would you go into this thinking it would be just him killing the hacker. this format is so much better than just showing the one hacker kill. hes not tricking anyone people just complain because they fell the need to.

  7. That was fun to watch, it was the first time I've seen a hack in this game. Good finish, but not as fun to watch as a true 1v1 showdown. Hacking definitely cheapens the whole experience and I hope I don't find myself in that situation (cause I'd probably get wrecked : ) and be really pissed! Been watching you more on Twitch and enjoy your videos, keep up the good work!

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