Playing PUBG on a Gaming Laptop! – How well does it perform? (ASUS ROG Zephyrus GA502)

Playing PUBG on a budget gaming laptop! (ASUS ROG Zephyrus G GA502) More info about the laptop with buying options can be found here: Thanks to ASUS & NVIDIA for sponsoring this video.

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42 Replies to “Playing PUBG on a Gaming Laptop! – How well does it perform? (ASUS ROG Zephyrus GA502)

  1. hi ,sir , I have a same laptop , but the graphics card occupancy rate in the game lobby is 90%, but the graphics card occupancy rate in the game is less than 50%. Why is this the case?

  2. I’m having FPS issues with my ASUS GU502GV it has almost the same specs as your laptop, it has an i7 9750HQ and a 144Hz instead. But i’m far from getting the same performance as you. 100FPS with the same settings in PUBG? Hell no, max FPS that I get is 70 or 60. I think I’m having high temperature issues, it goes around 90°C in game and i’m really disappointed with the performance i’m getting in my new laptop.

  3. I'm considering buying this laptop to play a lot of Fortnite, if I use low – high settings would it run as good as people say?

    I've read some critical reviews on how the laptop can game, but doesn't scream gamer. I really just want your opinion on if I should purchase the laptop for specifically GAMING.

  4. nice game unlucky that you didnt get the last guy
    im thinking about getting this laptop does it work with the oculus rift s as its got optimus in as previously i have had issues with the cv1 and optimus laptops

  5. As a recent sub I've just stumbled upon this. Wish I'd seen it earlier as have just shelled out for a lappy. This looks like a solid build. I picked up a median erazer p6689 i7 8550u 128gb ssd but it only has a gtx 1050, 17". But for £510 it does the job. Looking forward to more pubg content

  6. Just got this laptop but pubg and other games jump from high to low frames so frequently, makes it really unplayable, have been trying so hard to fix it but I still can't not sure what you can do but pls I need help 🙁

  7. i love this laptop! when i went to buy it at Best Buy, the kid behind the counter didn't even know it existed(back in May when it came out). it runs all my shit when travelling. it gets a little loud when gaming but you're wearing headphones anyways.

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