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Playing Controller on PC – APEX LEGENDS

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26 Replies to “Playing Controller on PC – APEX LEGENDS

  1. Barely being able to win in pc lobbies even with aim assist and garbage opponents like that? Nice way to avoid sbmm, you still can't keep up with these players and have to resort to third partying and your teammates

  2. You have some of the best movement and situational awareness of all the Apex streamers. I've been using a lot of your tips and have stepped my game up A LOT. Thank you for all the awesome content and look forward to more ??

  3. Your vids are top notch, we can definitely learn a trick or 2! My only gripe is that your vids seem to be on the quiet side, unless my volume is almost maxed out I can barely hear the video! I'm only saying this incase you are not aware?!

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