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PERFECT NITRO GUIDE – Asphalt 9 Legends

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Asphalt 9: Legends…

16 Replies to “PERFECT NITRO GUIDE – Asphalt 9 Legends

  1. nahh… playing Asphalt Urban GT on my N-Gage Qd (gona upload video about
    that soon even if the video is made in 2017 december, not a christmas thing i bought
    it myself) here in this first Asphalt its simple hold 5 to drive and press 2 for nitro, press 7 for brakes and if you are turning you can drift but its not easy like on todays ones. press down on d pad to look back, press 1 for changing cameras and for last press 6 ( or 4 i can t remeber i don t use it) for horn XD. Asphalt Urban GT 2 started that nitro double and triple pressing for nitro changing. yea still not geting my phone even if it is fixed. i want to try out aspahlt 9 even its really the same thing grind for money and buy something. And please try out Need for Speed Most Wanted i really enjoyed playing that game even it is not free.

  2. 1 Tap Nitro: Accelerate for longer distances
    2x Tap Nitro: Jumps only to reach the airspeed as fast as possible
    Perfect Nitro: Accelerate faster for mediocre distances
    Shockwave Nitro: Only Jumps and recovery if you crash to get up to speed again

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