Apex Legends

Outrageous Teamwork on Kings Canyon! – PS4 Apex Legends

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Run – Ross Bugden:


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50 Replies to “Outrageous Teamwork on Kings Canyon! – PS4 Apex Legends

  1. iTemp to Crypto: "You good?"
    immediately afterward Crypto: "Yeah, I got one down."
    *after fight Crypto passes iTemp after zipping back up top Crypto: I'm fine, just fixing up.
    Me: hey man, he didn't ask, I don't know how intimate you think this relationship has gotten.. xD

  2. Hey iTemPlays, I've been a subscriber for a while, and I always wondered: what kind of game settings do you use when you play a match of Apex?

    You probably made a video on it but I just can't find it!

  3. I have to say your accuracy is impeccable. I’ve never seen anyone hit with a Havoc from such long ranges. Especially when they’re using a zip line.

  4. Rich,

    Can we please see your outtakes?

    I just think its be funny to hear "What's up guys, its Rich and we're back with some more apex legends of course, scrapitol city it is friends…

    And.. that's a shotgun bolt. That's a holosight.

    Still no gun ye … oh never mind I think I'm dead"

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