Minecraft Hunger Games VS Fortnite Battle Royale – Can Minecraft Overtake Fortnite

Does Minecraft have a shot at overtaking Fortnite as most popular game? Fortnite was big in 2018, but in 2019 Minecraft popularity is on the rise. What is causing Minecraft’s resurgence in the gaming world? Watch our new video to find out.


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30 Replies to “Minecraft Hunger Games VS Fortnite Battle Royale – Can Minecraft Overtake Fortnite

  1. Can we just take a look at fortnite….the only thing u do is play br, in minecraft you can play 100+ different minigames+survival,creative…..
    100000+mods, sking customization and millions of skins that can b diwnloaded

  2. ??‍♂️
    Why everyone compare these 2 with each other, if fortnite is a third person shooter, and minecraft is a sandbox? They're completely different in gameplay and everything else!

  3. The only thing I don’t really like about Fortnite is people raging over it. Also it has limited customisation. You can only choose a skin, backbling, pickaxe and glider. With games like ROBLOX and Minecraft (with character creator added), you can customise your avatar to your consent.

  4. Yea Minecraft only updates once a year and fortnite keeps adding new content, Minecraft only exploded for a short period due to Pewdiepie, if he ticks to fortnite, the internet or at least the youtube community would play fortnite even more

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