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Is the *NEW* Prowler the KING of SMGs? (Apex Legends – Season 4)

►Today we’re taking a look at my old favorite SMG – the Prowler with the selectfire.
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41 Replies to “Is the *NEW* Prowler the KING of SMGs? (Apex Legends – Season 4)

  1. Now I regret that I noticed your channel so late. I was getting a new PC some time ago, and I payed over 5 000 PLN (Around 1400$ ) and It's not even good with Apex, it gets extra laggy and I have to play on min details. And It would be great to have such a nice gaming pc and support nice content creator like you.

  2. Such a big fan Kandy. You are the personification of everything good about this community, and I wish nothing but the best for you man. I’ve just recently started streaming and making videos myself, but it’s tough. I had to leave my job recently due to depression and it’s tough watching all you streamers thriving and earning your living doing what you love. But hey, maybe some day it could happen for me. All the best man.

  3. Fck, the lava fall got me too. That would be been a giant feels bad if you could die ? Love the prowler; I'll keep saying forever it's the best sounding gun on auto

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