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I built an Apex Legends Dev Tracker so that You Can Track Bug Fixes, Updates and More!

I built an Apex Legends Dev Tracker so that You Can Track Bug Fixes, Updates and More! Check it out here:

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35 Replies to “I built an Apex Legends Dev Tracker so that You Can Track Bug Fixes, Updates and More!

  1. Can there be a concept ideas category? So things don’t get lost in the r/apexlegends feed?
    Categories can be:
    -User Interface concepts
    -Character abilities
    -Weapon skins
    -Weapon concepts
    -event concepts
    -Interesting Features
    -Game mode concepts

    This was the devs don’t have to go hunting for community ideas

  2. I've put this out there before and I'll put it here again. If you're going to reach out to the devs. Please consider asking for skin sets. Where we can save our gun skins with our favorite legend skin. For example maybe you really like the Season one Wraith skin. And you want your gun skins to match from the season one Battle pass. But for Octane you want the Jade Tiger skin and all of the Season 2 battle pass skins for your guns. Sounds cool right? If so please think of remembering to mention this when you reach out to the devs.

  3. This is my favorite Apex Legends news/content channel. I literally will wait to watch anything until I see it posted here.. just fig show you some love and let you know cause I realized last night I was skipping over people on my timeline and asking "ok where is gaming merch video tho?" Hahaha props my dude. Keep up the good work! ??

  4. I respect you for doing this as communication is getting worse and worse i feel like. But i think that ill get even more depressed looking at your dev tracker and knowing everything they show us online. I was hopeful until a couple of weeks ago for this game. I really thought they could turn it around but im starting to hate this game more everyday and ive been playing this game about everyday since it came out and it fucking sucks

  5. I love Respawn. I have no issue with there communication or content output. They stated(A long time ago) that this game isnt set up to be like Fortnite, and their crazy content schedule. I can only respect a company that has taken a stand against overworking their employees… but i imagine only adults care about these things.

  6. thats kinda sad that the fans had to build a dev tracker, because the devs are too lazy to do it themselves. respawn has a dev tracker that they haven't updated in ages smh

  7. I have a complaint/bug so how do I complain. If someone knows then plz tell or give it urself it is the one where I can’t get in the game until I test my internet connection on ps4

  8. That's really cool. It's quite sad that we as a community got to make these kinda things to keep ourselves updated though. Not everyone is scrolling through Twitter comments..

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