How To Outplay A Hacker | PUBG Mobile

The amount of hackers I’ve encountered in Season 4 so far is like 6 times more than previous season and this is bad.

In this video, I met yet another hacker in a conquerer squad match and I somehow managed to outplay him by 10% skills and 90% of luck actually hahahaha.

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Device: iPhone8+
Screen Recorder: IOS Screen Recorder
Music: Fade-Alan Walker [NCS Release]

32 Replies to “How To Outplay A Hacker | PUBG Mobile

  1. why i love biubiu videos more than panda , sevou ,levinho because biubiu gamplay agressive against player's agressive,but in panda, sevou, levinho video player's like bot i watch everyday,some players full spary with others dead like bot players

  2. When I see hackers….
    Me= hacker… Fcuk… Baste*… Hackers crazy… Bla bla bla… * * *** ***** *** ** ****** then got kill
    When biubiu see hackers
    Biubiu= I think he's hackers…. Hahhahhahhahaaha… Then kill the hackers… Gg guys….

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