Clash Of Clans

GEM TO MAX! Town Hall 1 to 13! Clash of Clans Gem rush!

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Clash of clans new town hall 13 update is here! join me as we gem the town hall 1 all the way to TH13 in todays video!


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49 Replies to “GEM TO MAX! Town Hall 1 to 13! Clash of Clans Gem rush!

  1. I recently got my old th7 account back from when I was 12, (it was rushed), and its been about a year and i'm almost max th10 (no purchases) and this man gets to th13 in 13 minutes

  2. If godson didn’t act like 14 year old faze rain got his braces off and died his hair a little bit with the curls and started dressing he would get bitches

  3. Funny how he's titan league… and just how is it his name is so similar to galadon gaming.. 3 times I clicked this channel because I thought it was someone else .

  4. Hey everyone. I'm a new youtuber could use some support. sorry for posting on your chat. Just trying to make my clan big. Just started today so if yall could follow me I would appreciate it doing attacks from all my classmates and all town hall levels

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