Apex Legends

FULL SEND OCTANE!! (Apex Legends PS4)

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50 Replies to “FULL SEND OCTANE!! (Apex Legends PS4)

  1. Hay jankz got any advise for shooting midair with the jump pad. I know you shouldnt ads but does an airstrafe in the mix help out. Like what goes into it (octane main since day one I got him)

  2. They honestly need to bring this map back and make it permanently in the game! So many people I know who stopped playing the game came back just for these 2 days

  3. Hey Jankz. I hope you are reading this. I wan to know how to get better in this game on ps4. I have a newly bought6 ps4 and I really suck at this game. Please help me?.. i really want to play this game but it pushes me off becuase im not good on this but i wanna learn.??

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