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Fortnite is the biggest battle royale game out there right now and shows no sign of stopping, but they have a new competitor on the horizon being Call Of Duty Black Ops 4: Blackout. Will this be the game that puts a dent into the player base of Fornite? Join The Leaderboard as we take a dive into both games and see how they stack up to each other. We will unpack both games from their aesthetics, gameplay, mechanics, and more!

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37 Replies to “Fortnite vs Blackout – Which Game Will Be The Last Standing? | The Leaderboard

  1. Something blackout as well as other similar pub gs don’t allow is some player to just out build you to win. Honestly if you want to build go to sims this has no place in a first person shooter. Anyone who says fortnite is better please get a job know cod is more expensive not trying to real you in to vuying stupid costumes but in the end you can actually have the 1st person experience not feel like your in a battle of which computer is running faster processors/ram to make a wall faster than the next dude

  2. We can do character missions to unlock skins…fortnite has to buy them… we pay 60 ONE TIME but soon all those skins add up..unless you wanna stay a default your whole life

  3. Shut up all of you you just think Fortnite is just a kid 10 well guess what people black ops 4 is for 18 so is both guys and Fortnite is just to powerful than black ops 4 is just black ops 4 is gonna died In 1 year i think

  4. These things makes bo4 better…free battlepass and over 200 tiers full of content like weapons and skins like fan favourites e.g woods,mason,reznov. The game is also around £30 from Tesco's or Argos and from £30 you get three game modes. These are facts not opinions don't get @me in the replies cause these are FACTS

  5. Both games are bad in their ways. I've played fortnite for almost a year and it got to boring, same thing is going to happen in blackout. It's going to be really fun when I start playing it, but over time it will get boring like with every other game unless you are just connected to the game

  6. I think fortnite will be in 2-4 years dead because fortnite is a Game with only 1 big modus CoD is a Game that we now more than 10 years and we have always zombies Multiplayer and campaign or battle royale at the Start

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