Fortnite on Old Macbook Pro with Nvidia GeForce Now

I was lucky enough to receive a beta key for Nvidia GeForce Now, so here’s some Fortnite gameplay, and also some League of Legend gameplay using GeForce Now game streaming.

My Macbook Pro Specs:
2011 Macbook Pro with 2.3 Ghz i5, 8gb Ram, 250 SSD

GeForce now is simular to Google Stadia. Watch my Podcast 100 video for more info on Stadia and GeForce Now. In short, these are two new services that offer a unique way to play any new title game on any system, laptop, or computer and they do it…

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  1. i have a ps4 controller and when i plug it in it only shows the xbox buttons…
    i've tried many things like in the steam settings when you turn off the ps4 configuration it should work but it still shows xbox buttons and with rocket league it's a bit annoying…
    can somebody help meh plz

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