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Clash of Clans "WIZARD SONG!" Clash of Clans Track 7/10 New Album!

Clash of Clans Wizard Song! Download the Clash album Today!
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36 Replies to “Clash of Clans "WIZARD SONG!" Clash of Clans Track 7/10 New Album!

  1. Hey if you ever think to yourself "why are they wasting time making songs about a iphone game, omg no life."

    Reality check. First of all shut up and leave me channel. Second of all this game, let alone company has a bigger audience and monetary value (in the BILLIONS) than most game companies could ever WISH for, be it PC, xbox, etc etc.

    My band started making songs for call of duty nazi zombies back in the xbox 360 cod 5 days, now we've evolved to move to make music for mobile games and console games, just like how we now play more mobile than console in general.

    I felt the need to write this comment because of the ignorant trolls who troll just to troll and don't think that people will see it, or sadly need attention because of god only knows why.

    Dont put negativity in my comments, have a nice day.

  2. Great song……. hey Nick are you going to do more Boom beach challenges I rally like that series and I am sure the other guys like it too if you are thinking in do it I have a challenge for you. I challenge you to take out gear Hart base with 2 attack and no boost no zookas if you couldn't do it with 2 attacks you fail. I hope you do it ???

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