Clash Of Clans

clash of clans sounds problem fix!

guys i am no longer having this problem i fixed it i fixed it by doing new windows in my pc try that too this might fix yours too! for android mobiles i still don’t have fix for it because i am no longer have this problem guys try to uninstall playstore and download playstore apk from here this may work: if this don’t work i will find out more. for people who uses bluestacks just they must do new windows from videos which they give you link for the…

26 Replies to “clash of clans sounds problem fix!

  1. I don't know why, but i don't have any sounds in my BlueStacks… When i download any game from BlueStacks i don't have any sounds in game…

  2. hey … I downloaded the last v .. for 2015/12/10. and its snow and it was not before. … but my problem is the sounds …. I did the same thing in your video in. my HUAWEI phone … but its still the same problem …. can u help me ? Thanks

  3. 2months ago !when my coc are dont jave effects of king!!what will i do??my veraion of my phone is H250 CHERRY MOBILE,,my flare 3 have sound effects,,shit!!dont havr sound effect i dont know what will i do??

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