Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans – October 2019 Dev Update

The October 2019 update is just around the corner! Not only is an improved Clan recruitment feature coming, but a host of other quality of life improvements are packed into this update as well!
Here to share the details of the update are Clash Designer Eino and Community Manager Darian.

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Attack. Defend….

43 Replies to “Clash of Clans – October 2019 Dev Update

  1. How does this video have 40k likes and 1.8k dislikes this deserves more dislikes than YouTube rewind and bieber's baby getting rid of global chat really if they are worried about people saying bad words or sharing information i got a suggestion how about a automatic kick off the game instead

  2. Almost 3 months later, and I still thinks the recruit system doesnt work. The labels are not accurate.

    And how can you convince someone with only a invite if he is in a clan. You cant even talk to that person so thats make no sense.

    I still dont understand why supercell removed the global chat. My clan is dying right now because we cant find good players even we use the labels. There are still a lot of noobs/rushers who chose labels that doesnt match them. And you cant talk to them which makes it harder. Because you dont know if he/she is motivated to get better and wants to learn, BECAUSE YOU CANT TALK TO THEM ANYMORE! Soo please think again of putting global chat back to the game. I think that will make coc fun again.

    Maybe a tip for the label system if you still disagree about global chat. Make labels that you as player can earn. That will make it much more accurate to find better players.

  3. Worst update ever. I stopped playing coc for 2 years ago, last week i downloaded it again because i wanted to play whilst talking to ppl at the same time, at first i thought they just moved the global chat, so i kept looking, eventually got tired and looked for answers here in youtube. And man was i sooooo disappointed. The only thing that’s keeping coc alive is now gone, this changed my mind to even continue building my base, not gonna play anymore. This update sucks.

  4. 4.8 stars on Apple App Store by a million plus people. We need to double that number with 1 star reviews. I just left my review, everyone do the same and perhaps they’ll listen about global.

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