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  1. Didn't realize I was featured on Clash of Clans until I came across the news tab to see when the next CWL started. I'm glad I checked, and I'm glad the community liked the project. I notice people are saying they don't see structures and/or structures were forgotten such as the Eagle Artillery (which is incorrect since you can clearly see it in 2:23). I say to those to please to view the Planet Minecraft page to review the list of buildings that were built into the world. While I may have not shown them in the video (which I believe I did) I can assure you the buildings listed are present in the world which can be downloaded at the Planet Minecraft project page in the description. I would like to once again thank everyone for liking the project, and I would also like to thank u/DragonBard_Z for pinning the original Reddit post I made (http://bit.ly/2IPH7Qe) in the r/ClashOfClans subreddit. I hope this project provides inspiration & motivation for other users to create their own work. If you want to send your own Minecraft-Clash of Clans creations, you can message me via Reddit (u/DaUltimatePotato), and (if enough people send their artwork) I might share artwork similar to how I uploaded this one in a series. That is just an idea however if the community puts their minds together we can make something beautiful. I look forward to seeing what the community makes! 🙂

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