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46 Replies to “Clash of Clans – HOW TO REMOVE SUPERCELL ID

  1. I can't login into my main base because it keeps telling me to login into Supercell ID but then it keeps taking me to the start of the game

    Edit: The problem is gone! I went into help and support and then the bot response thing and I typed in my base's detail and they found the base. Then I gave them a different email and they made an account with that email and I logged into it and now my main base is back. It took like 2 weeks but it's fine now 🙂

  2. Ok i see now, the reason people are saying it wasnt helpful, (although they have a crap way of going about it), is because the method here only signs you out of Supercell ID. The question people are asking, is how to unlink your account, so that you can go back to signing in with google instead of with ID. Dont let the hate get you down!

  3. Hey, thanks for taking the time to make this video. The issue with Supercell ID is that when you link it to an account, like clash, swapping between accounts.means you have to log out of ID, swap to the other account, then log back into ID to swap back, but you need to then go into your email and get the code so you can do that. For things like qar where you need to regularly swap accounts its a bit of a pain in the butt is all. I am one of these people. I hate having to swap accounts. It used to be as simple as disconnect, reconnect. Hahaha. Thanks again for the video, I will try that method.

  4. I went on vacation and would could not attack in our war league. So what I did was give my clanmates my account information so they could attack for me. I was fine with them attacking for me in war, but only attacking in war. However after I got back they kept using my base and they got mad when I told them to stop and said they had already upgraded some of my buildings and invested time to stop now. I was like, I invested time too, like 3 years worth of time since I'm a th 11. I told them that's I only allowed them to attack in war and that I didnt tell them to upgrade my buildings and attack in multiplayer. They have no experience with th 11 bases either since I'm #1 in my clan and the #2 guy is a th 9. I thought i could just remove my account from their devices but supercell i.d makes it hard.

  5. I’ve got 2 accounts on seperate id’s. I want to delete one base off of an id and add it to only 1 id.m, that way both bases are on 1 id. Both accounts are also on separate game centres meaning progress wouldn’t be lost. My question is how would I delete the id from one base so that I can add it to the other id.

  6. I feel bad for Mr Clasher. He really puts effort in what's he's doing not only by making videos but also replying to every single comment wether it's hate or not, and trust me it's not that easy to do that. All he's getting is hate. People, let's take a moment and take a look at the effort he's putting in his channel and support him just a little. Hope it helped 🙂

  7. nai yar ya video nai ha q ka mara Jo base ha vo kesi or gmail par log in ho gaya ake mara cln ma a ya tha vo muja chuytia banaka chalaya gaya muja Jo ka kasa ma apana account ko vapas LA lu pls help me or mara help and support in Coc kam nai kar ra ha pls bro help

  8. Can you give me more info. Does this revert your acc back into the old google play / game centre email and info, or does it just remove you signing into any id or something. If the email was changed when swapping to sc id how would it swap back

  9. super cell id is not good for me past months i load 10 to 15 only when im connect to supercell so consume more data thats how i load 30 or 50 i hope u can help me to remove my account in supercell

  10. Please help! My friend has signed in my coc account using his gmail in supercell id but it is my account n i want to change to my gmail…is there any solution to the problem…please help

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