Can you run Fortnite on Mac? We test it on 20+ Macs

★ We test Fortnite Mac version on more than 20 Macs here:

These are Fortnite Mac system requirements:
– OS: OS 10.12 Sierra
– Processor: 2.4 GHz Core i3
– Memory: 4 GB RAM
– Video: Intel HD 4000
– Hard Drive: 19 GB

But we all know how system requirements aren’t that helpful. What if you’re interested in playing Fortnite on MacBook or MacBook Pro?

To help you figure that out, we tested Fortnite Mac version on the following…

41 Replies to “Can you run Fortnite on Mac? We test it on 20+ Macs

  1. Update, most macs that are below 2013 can no longer play fortnite. I use to run 90 fps on low setting on my 2012 imac, then fortnite updated its graphics and I can no longer play it at all… 🙁

  2. Just turn the res down or used stretched res and turn the graphics down. If you REALLY wanna play you would understand that you don't need all those details…

  3. Guys dont listen to this guy he says that u get a huge performance increase if u decreas ur 3d res and says that he was getting 33 and started getting 35 that is not a big difference and dont aim at 40 fps go for 60 on macs (cuz mac screens r 60hz)so how bout u go watch a smarter guy explain things (please)

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