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Bluestacks Clash of Clans Z and X zoom / typing fix


This is the name of the file, delete all the text inside of it. The file is located inside the save location of where you saved BlueStacks.

The X and Z problem is when you attempt to type any of the letters you scoll up (or down) and are unable to type them.

First time recording myself for a youtube Video but it seemed appropriate since I just worked out the solution myself.

Ctrl & + can be used to zoom in when you have done…

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  1. ok I have a problem here, somebody please answer this asap… the most recent form of clash of clans has the clan chat bubble thingy. when you click on that, it pulls up the keyboard and text area (on a phone) is it possible to get that text area opened up on a computer???

  2. i need help i can see that you and most people can zoom in and out of clash… like zooming in close on your town hall then zooming out to see your whole village. Well i have been struggling to map my key correctly. where is says zoom in/zoom out i have those mapped to up and down automatically.. when i try up and down arrow key it does nothing, but sometimes it will zoom in/out but will be very glitchy and start clicking random buildings. i wanted to map it to scroll wheel up and down but it seem there is no way.. please help…

  3. At first I hated your accent, and thought you were a douche for what you were telling me because I was searching for something else.  Alas I am happy that I watched your whole video, because you told me how to zoom, which is what I was searching for.  Much appreciation.

  4. I need some help please! I just got this today (blue stacks, clash of clans) for PC. I can type everything just fine but when I press enter to say something, it won't work at all. Any suggestions or tips?

  5. (Brace yourselves, english isn't my primary language…)

    Hi! This was very helpful, thank you very much.

    Although, I'd like to use more of these keybinds but I don't know how it works, especially the "grid" coordinates (For example: "Tap (22,90)" clicks on the first unit (I've read that online)). How can I find out these coordinates? Also, I've changed BlueStacks' size, will that affect the coordinates?

    First, I'd like to be able to use left and right arrows to navigate through my barracks and my spell factory.

    I'd also like to set numbers on my keyboard as shortcuts for my units when I'm attacking (as #1 for first units, #2 for seconds, etc etc). I fear that by doing this I won't be able to use these numbers anymore in the chat so I don't mind using the F keys or the numbers on the Numeric Keypad instead (is it possible?).

    Finally I'd like to use a key to click "Next" when searching for enemies, the "Enter" key from the Numeric Keypad would be great.

    Thank you very much to anyone who could give me a hand there =D

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