Clash Of Clans

Best Device To Play Clash of Clans On? (Ipad/Iphone/Android/PC)

Hey Guys im xBuzzerman and today I would like to showcase with you a battle between several different mobile devices to see which one is best to play Clash of Clans on. We will be using the Ipad 2, the Iphone 6, the Samsung galaxy tablet, the LG G2, and my PC. We will test which one is best for recording and to use.

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31 Replies to “Best Device To Play Clash of Clans On? (Ipad/Iphone/Android/PC)

  1. My top 5

    1. My tv (using my android device to mirroir it using chrome cast) iPad 2 air pc (using the software bluestacks) lg g4
    5. My iPod 5th generation

  2. I use Samsung Galaxy tb's best device to stop your self from play clash of clans.what a laggggg!!!!!! Unbeliveable lag for play any games and also play any Just hd videos…So you can buy this for waste your money and save your most wealth times ????????

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