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  1. It's fun to play as Bangalore but I hate having them on my team. So many just smoke grenade during any engagement as it starts and I feel they end up hurting their teammates more than the enemies by taking our sight away. Coming from pubg where I love smoke and how much it can actually help in a fight when used right I want to like Bangalore, but again, I wish people just knew how to use her properly. I shld just start playing bloodhound only when I have a Bangalore on the team. Had a Bangalore earlier salting st us for not helping in a team fight that she initiated with smokes… hard to help when we cant see

  2. I loveeee Bangalore ♡ I've won multiple games by using my alt and trapping the last other squad in a house, then my blood hound rushes from the back and we just wipe them. Hella good strategy. ?

  3. when to use her ult: covering your teams retreat, locking enemy team into building, confuse 2 teams while they are fighting(pop some shields) or just to initiate an attack on enemy team

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