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Apex Legends Mobile Coming This Year (SquadCast Podcast Ep. 5) (Short)

Apex Legends Mobile is confirmed and I am excited as always to see it come in the future. What do you think they need to focus on to make it perfect? I personally think we need to see crossplay around the same time.


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27 Replies to “Apex Legends Mobile Coming This Year (SquadCast Podcast Ep. 5) (Short)

  1. No I think that mobile version of apex legends should not have a crossplay with PC or console players because it would be too hard to play against players on PC with two thumbs

  2. I feel like they should focus more on fixing the bugs rather than creating this mobile version, dont get me wrong im excited for the mobile app too i just feel like its not the time for mobile if the pc version is still broken : )

  3. There are a few nice Controllers for Smartphones, so if you interested in destroying Players with your phone, go for it. I tried to play pubg on my smartphone and I was on the site that getted destroyed ^^
    Nevertheless, I'm also excited about the app, as it will significantly increase the range of the game. I'm just happy for apex to get bigger.

  4. Codm easy to play? Try ranked, watch pros playing Same with pubgm. Millions of dollars prizes competive scene is so big and u say easy? BTW u can't use controllers on any competitive mobile game. Mobile fortnite noobs? Just look for duckeythegamer on YouTube then tell me whose mobile noob

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