Apex Legends

20 Apex Legends Tips To Help You Become Champion Of The Arena

Apex Legends gameplay can be pretty intense for newcomers so we’ve put together our favourite tips to help Apex Legends beginners get theirs legs in the end of the game. The Apex Legends tips will turn you from chump to champ in now time!

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29 Replies to “20 Apex Legends Tips To Help You Become Champion Of The Arena

  1. i cant play apex legends anymore when i finished installing the game exe main launcher is missing and i clicked on repair while opening the main game folder some files including the main launcher appears and again dissapheres in front of my eyes what is going on

  2. Nice Video, very informative. I learned several things that I was failing to recognize on my own. Until this game came out I have not been a Battle Royale Fan, albeit in the early days of DayZ when our clan would server hop to collect gear and then find a loaded server and set up in an area that we felt we could hold. Very fun times until the douche bag cheaters began stripping gear while we were running across an open field. Human's in underwear running across an open field does not yield a healthy outcome. To bad those morons at Bohemia did not figure out 5 years ago that people wanted Battle Royal environment whether it be as a team, clan or individual. Back to the issue at hand. This game, Apex Legends is just plain FUN!!!! I might get a little frustrated at times but honestly, anyone can win this game, even at lower skill levels. I placed 2nd 5 times tonight alone and on one of those occasions. I jumped in alone, yes, my two other teammates left the game and I still managed to last until there were only two teams. As long as EA keeps their shitty hands of this and lets Respawn continue to develop it, this could be a really long lasting game with monetary tournaments to follow. If EA shits on this, just leave the community immediately. Don't ask why don't try to pass GO and collect 200 of something just get the fuck out. Shitheads in charge are just shitheads. They think their six-figure degrees can figure us gamers out. Well you cannot fix stupid, it has been proven! None of us can tame greedy, cause its something most people literally cannot fathom in most instances of their lives until they come across them in their lives. There is greedy and then there is GREEDY. Even the greedy people say to themselves…,"FUCK, that's pretty greedy. I wish I had thought of that."That is EA in a nutshell!! Enjoy peeps cause this game is really fun.

  3. Using a lauch command on PC you can see your speed and so i learned the fastest way to move is at a full sprint (260 speed with gun 299 without) start a slide then quickly jump to reach around 400 for a moment this is great near the start if you are in a fist fight and the other person runs away

  4. Am I the only person still wondering why half of the YouTube community has a dude with sunglasses as their profile picture..

  5. Maybe a personal one for me but I find changing the controls so that right stick is crouch instread melee. The melee is really slow in this game so if you're doing it by accident it causes problems.

  6. If you put the Zip-line in a door way you can destroy it by closing the door. this is good if you want to distance yourself from enemies and not have them get to your vantage point/area

  7. I always get the people who want to start a fight at those out of range!!one will dash over firing then get downed,the other will follow. ..then im left with my pistol and bad aim to collect both body's. ..Never going to happen!!
    About 1 in 10 games i get a team that works together, never won but feels good to be a unit!!

  8. Breaking off briefly near the end of the drop is a good tip actually, if you're playing with inconsiderate teammates who hoover up everything then it's just a frantic race as soon as you're on the ground. It's also worth learning what the characters do not just for your own team but so that you can quickly evaluate an enemy team's likely moves when you encounter them. Know your enemy…

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